Running Free


These running horses look like a photo, but it is really an oil painting. This is a great picture for a family room, that a horse lover will adore. The colors are warm and vibrant.

You can order these limited edition signed prints on high quality watercolor paper. The prints are of professional quality, and look as real as the original, clearly showing all of the details. The prints are 20 by 14 inches. Additional sizes are available upon request. Contact us if you need a different size.

The watermark (JoJoyArt) will be removed prior to printing.


In a rustic autumn setting, two horses dash through fallen leaves, their coats blending seamlessly with the earthy tones of the season. One is tan, the other brown, both sleek and strong, running without bridles or saddles. Their movements convey a sense of freedom and energy, capturing the untamed spirit of the wild against the backdrop of the autumn landscape.

The perfect art print for a western family room, or for the horse lovers space.