Jo Joy Art, Artists Statement

Joyce Therieault   

Joyce’s vibrant imagination and love for bold colors shine through in her meticulously crafted oil paintings, each telling a story of intricate beauty. From the delicate petals of exotic flowers to the precise folds of cloth, her dedication to realism is evident.

Meanwhile, Jody infuses her pieces with a contemporary flair, drawing inspiration from her diverse experiences and modern sensibilities. Her paintings exude a youthful energy, offering a fresh perspective on familiar subjects.

While both artists share a dedication to photo realism, Joyce is branching into new territory with watercolor and mixed media art. Her abstract designs, adorned with animal, insect, and leaf patterns, add a new dimension to her vibrant palette.

In a world where patience and precision are valued, Jo Joy Art offers a haven for those who appreciate the beauty of slow, deliberate craftsmanship. While their original pieces are rare treasures, they delight in sharing their art with the world through high-quality prints.

We also create greeting cards with watercolor paints, ink stamps, and embellishments. These are unique custom cards for the holidays, birthdays, announcements, weddings, etc.  Contact me if you are interested in these special hand made cards.


Jody Therieault

I have been painting since I was 14, with guidance from local teachers.  I work full time researching cures for childhood cancers, but I try to paint as often as I can.   I sell giclee prints of my pieces that are on this site.  I enjoy painting  detailed, photo-realistic art like my mother, but my subjects are more contemporary then hers.
Together we make a great team.